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Why rent an apartment in the neighbourhood of San Isidro, Madrid?

Renting your apartment in San Isidro means you can enjoy the essence of Madrid, as San Isidro Park (San Isidor is Madrid’s patron saint) is located in this neighbourhood.

San Isidro is part of the district of Carabanchel and lies in the south of Madrid. It is bordered by Río Manzanares in the northeast, Calle del General Ricardos in the southeast, Avenida de Nuestra Señora de Valvanera in the southwest and Via Carpetana in the northwest.

Bordered by two busy roads, Via Carpetana and Calle del General Ricardos, the neighbourhood also has Pradera de San Isidro. This place attracts many visitors and citizens of Madrid during the festivities of the capital's patron saint, a fiesta that is celebrated in May.

You can find Glorieta del Marqués de Vadillo (a roundabout) in the northeast corner of the neighbourhood, and it is located opposite of Puente de Toledo. This is an excellent place for you to spend some time on a terrace at one of the bars, weather permitting.

Something very interesting can be found in Calle del Comandante Fontanes: a British cemetery, belonging to the British Crown.

San Isidro is well-connected by bus and metro, with the stops of Marqués de Vadillo, Urgel, Oporto and Carpetana.

If you want to rent an apartment in the district of Carabanchel, and you want to experience the true spirit of the capital, then the neighbourhood of San Isidro could be your ideal part of the city.

Discover the neighbourhood of San Isidro with ShMadrid

San Isidro is one of the most exhaustive neighbourhoods in the city of Madrid, and it is located in the south of the Spanish capital.

It is one of the areas with more commercial zones in Carabanchel, and it has many incentives for anyone who wants to live in the district, especially for families who are in search of a more complete area.

There is an excellent bus and metro network, and there are shopping zones and large, residential areas.

One of the most important streets in the neighbourhood is Calle del General Ricardos, and this is also one of the most important streets of the district of Carabanchel, as it practically crosses the entire district. The street starts in Marqués de Vadillo and ends in Eugenia de Montijo.

The following bus lines run through the area: 108 (Carabanchel Alto-Urgel), 118 (Carabanchel Alto-Embajadores), 34 (Cibeles-Avenida de las Aguilas) and 35 (Plaza Mayor-Carabanchel Alto). These lines cover a large part of Calle del General Ricardos. Other important streets are Via Carpetana and Paseo 15 de Mayo.

What to see in the neighbourhood of San Isidro in Madrid

One of the most interesting sights to see in the neighbourhood of San Isidro is the British cemetery. This cemetery was built for the burial of British nationality individuals, that could not be buried in a Catholic cemetery because of their belief in another religion.

The cemetery is bordered by Calle Inglaterra, Calle Irlanda y Calle Comandante Fontanes. The first two streets are surrounded by several traditional, single-story houses from the early 20th century.

The cemetery’s facade is built in plastered brick. There is a coat of arms of the United Kingdom by Italian sculptor Pedro J. Nicoli above the door, placed in May 1856. At the sides of the entrance to the pavilion there are several buildings, one is the guard's house and the other is a mortuary chapel.

A foundation to restore the cemetery was created in 1997. The entrance door was repaired, part of the guards' house was demolished, and a cenotaph was placed in its place to commemorate its benefactors. The cemetery continues to be active, although it is limited by a lack of space.

Other areas to stay in the district of Carabanchel are:

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